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Editorial Policy


On this site, I try to stay as informative, truthful, honest, and realistic as possible. Every piece of content here is written with as much attention to detail and accuracy as possible. Everything you read on this site is my unbiased opinion. My goal in writing is to provide you with accurate and reliable information in a rational and realistic manner.

Every article you read on this site is written and edited by me, Zachary Friedman. I am a one I only write about destinations that I have traveled to. I only write about gear that I have personally owned and used. I only write about hikes that I have hiked and bikes that I have ridden. I perform my own research and testing. I write from my own personal experience. If I don’t know about something, I won’t write about it. I do this to maintain the highest ethical standards possible. I also try to keep my content reasonably family friendly.

Where The Road Forks started as a passion project but is now run as a small business. I operate this site to make money to fund my travels and adventures. On this site, I make money through display ads and affiliate links. I also sell a couple of e-books. The income allows me to spend most of my time traveling and working on this site.

On this site, I do not publish sponsored content. I also do not sell links or mentions. I don’t even allow guest posts. I do this to keep the quality of the content as high as possible. I am a bit of a perfectionist, for better or for worse.

Zachary Friedman at the Sphinx in Egypt