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Welcome to Where The Road Forks!

Hello, my name is Zac Friedman and I’m thrilled to have you here. I’m a traveler and outdoor enthusiast from the beautiful state of Washington.

I started traveling 12 years ago. So far, my journey has taken me to 66 countries on 6 continents. Currently, I’m living the digital nomad life as a professional blogger.

I started this website 6 years ago to help people travel more, save money, and stay safe on the road.

On top of Mt. Sinai

What You’ll Find Here

Where The Road Forks focuses on travel and outdoor recreation. On this website, I write about my passions including adventure travel, digital nomad life, hiking, camping, and cycling. Most of the content that I share is designed to be informative to help people.

This website is a reflection of my passion, knowledge, and experiences. Every article you read here is written by me from my own personal experience. I created this website to share, educate, connect, and learn with all of you.

To learn a little more about me, check out these articles:

Most Recent Posts

Bikes and Cycling

Mexico Guides

I have spent several years living in Mexico off and on. Mostly in Tijuana. I’ve also traveled the country extensively. It’s one of my favorite countries. I’ve spent more time there than in any other country outside of my home country.

In these guides, I outline my experiences traveling and living in Mexico. I’ll teach you how to visit Mexico safely and save some money.

Africa Guides

Africa is my favorite place to travel. I recently spent 5 months living in Uganda. So far, I’ve visited about 12 countries on the continent with more trips planned in the future. In these guides, I’ll teach you how to get around Africa. I’ll also talk about visas, safety, budgeting, and more.


Over the years, I’ve made plenty of mistakes while traveling. I’ve found myself in some bizarre situations and sometimes dangerous situations. I’ve also wasted plenty of money. In these guides, I share some travel tips to help you avoid making those same mistakes.

Zachary Friedman is an accomplished travel writer with over a decade of global exploration spanning 66 countries. Since founding ‘Where The Road Forks’ in 2017, he has provided readers with a distinctive blend of insights grounded in his vast travel and outdoor recreation experience and expertise. Embodying the life of a digital nomad, Zachary balances his professional endeavors with an enduring passion for hiking, camping, cycling, and worldwide exploration. For a deeper dive into his journey and background, visit the About page. For inquiries and collaborations, please reach out through the contact page.