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About Me

First off I would like to say welcome to Where The Road Forks! Thank you for visiting. I launched this site in October of 2017 to document my travels, share my experience, and help fellow travelers.

On this site, I try to stay as honest and truthful as possible. My goal in my writing is to provide you with accurate information in a rational and realistic manner. Every article you read on this site is written by me. If I don’t know about something, I won’t write about it. 

How I got started traveling

I caught the travel bug at 12 years old during my first international trip. My middle-class family couldn’t really afford to travel until one year during the holidays when my dad gave up his seat on an overbooked flight and scored 2 free tickets. He decided that we were going to take the longest flight the airline offered at the time so we would get our money’s worth.

We ended up going on a fishing trip to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. After a long, uneventful day at sea, we both thought they just weren’t biting…until the big one took the bait. After an exhausting hour-long battle, I ended up bringing in an 8 foot, 100 pound sailfish.

Once we returned to shore, the deckhand filleted the fish on the pier. My dad and I walked to the nearest restaurant with our fresh filets and paid the chef to cook up our fresh catch. This was one of the best meals that I have ever enjoyed and is still my favorite travel memory. After that, I was hooked on travel and knew that I wanted to see the world.

My Story So Far

I took on my first solo trip at the age of 18, right after graduating high school. Before I left, I saved up $5000 by cooking french fries at my minimum wage job at McDonald’s. I bought a flight and a Eurail Pass then flew from Los Angeles to London. I backpacked Europe for 3 months.

After saving up for two years, I spent 6 months traveling through India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The following year I spent the rest of my money traveling to South America. After a four year break to work and save, I traveled to Africa where I backpacked from Ethiopia to South Africa overland.

After returning home from Africa, I moved to Tijuana, Mexico. I initially started this blog to write about my experience working in California and living across the border in Mexico. These days, I write about whatever interests me including cycling, hiking, travel, living abroad, and more.

To finance my travels, I have worked a wide range of jobs starting with McDonald’s to save up for my first trip to owning and managing a bar and restaurant in Southern California to manual labor, laying tile, painting, and landscaping. 

So far I have visited 56 countries on 6 continents. My favorite countries I have visited include Kenya, Mexico, and Thailand. My favorite cities are Los Angeles, Nairobi, Bangkok, and Tijuana. A long term goal of mine is to visit every country.

To learn a bit about me, check out a few of my travel stories:

Hopefully, you find my writing interesting and helpful. Again, thank you for visiting Where The Road Forks!

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