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How to Travel from Manila to Angeles City by Bus, Taxi, and Air

Traveling from Manila to Angeles City is pretty straightforward. Angeles is located in the Pampanga region of the Philippines, just 84 km (52 miles) north of Manila. You can easily make this trip by bus, taxi, or Grab. It’s also possible to fly to Angeles. The cheapest and most popular way to travel from Manila to Angeles is by bus. Buses regularly depart from the Victory Liner Pasay Station. A ticket costs around 177 pesos ($3.20). The ride takes around 2.5 hours. The bus drops you off at Dau bus station, just 1.6 km from Walking Street in Angeles City.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to travel from Manila to Angeles City, Philippines, step-by-step. I’ll include information on station locations, travel costs, bus departure times, and more. I’ve made this journey many times over the years. In this guide, I’ll share my experience.

Visiting Angeles City makes for a great getaway from Manila. Angeles City offers some excellent nightlife and entertainment. It’s much smaller and easier to navigate than Manila. This region is sometimes referred to as the Clark Freeport Zone.

Inside the Manila to Angeles City bus
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Manila to Angels City by Bus

The cheapest and most popular way to travel from Manila to Angeles City is to take the bus. A number of companies operate this route. Buses depart from several different locations in the city.

There are buses leaving Manila for Angeles City every 30-45 minutes from early in the morning until late at night. You never have to wait too long. Currently, a bus ticket from Manila to Angeles City costs 177 pesos (about $3.20). The ride takes around 2.5-3 hours, depending on traffic. The ticket price includes mandatory travel insurance.

How to Get to the Bus Station

The most popular company operating this route is Victory Liner. The most convenient station for most travelers is Victory Liner Pasay Station. It is located here:

Buses to Angeles City also depart from the Victory Liner Cubao Bus Terminal in Quezon City. This may be a more convenient station for some travelers, depending on where you’re staying in Manila.

The easiest way to get to the bus station from your hotel in Manila is to take a taxi or Grab. You could also take a jeepney.

It’s also possible to take the metro to the Victory Liner Pasay terminal. The closest metro station to Victory Liner Pasay is Taft Avenue. From there, it’s about a 10-15 minute walk to the station. You will have to pass through security to ride the metro. If you have large luggage, it may be a hassle. If you’re traveling light, this is a good option. The metro costs 15-30 pesos. It’s an easy walk. There is a sidewalk.

Manila metro
The Manila Metro

Buying your Ticket

Once you arrive at the station, go to the ticket window and buy a ticket to Dao station. This is the name of the bus station in Angeles City.

You can also buy your ticket on the bus. Just ask someone which bus is going to Dao, hop on, and take a seat. An attendant will collect your money and give you a ticket during the journey.

You do not need to book a ticket in advance. You can just show up at the station and buy a ticket for the next bus. Tickets are always available, even during the busy seasons and during holidays. If one bus fills up, you can catch the next one. Because there are so many departures, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a half hour or so.

The Bus Ride

The station is pretty basic. There are some small shops at the station where you can buy snacks and drinks. If you’re hungry, you can buy some noodles or chips. There are also bathrooms available. There is also a seating area where you can wait. You can also just board the bus and wait.

The bus ride is easy and relatively comfortable. Seats are not assigned so you can sit where you want. The buses are air-conditioned. The seats recline. There is no bathroom on the bus. Sometimes the bus is full and other times there are some empty seats.

It’s a pretty relaxed journey. The bus does not make any stops along the way. Make sure you eat and use the restroom before you board.

The distance from Manila to Angeles City to Pattaya is only 52 miles or 84 kilometers. Even though the distance is small, this whole journey from door to door will take around 3-4 hours. This is because of traffic. It takes about 1.5 hours to travel through Metro Manila and Quezon City. It will also take you 30-60 minutes to get from your hotel in Manila to the bus station, depending on where you’re staying. From the Dau bus station, it will take you 10-15 minutes to get to your hotel in Angeles City.

This isn’t a very scenic trip. You’ll get to see how massive Manila is. You’ll see some slums off the side of the highway. During the ride, you’ll also pass by some rice fields.

The view from the bus from Manila to Angeles City
The view from the bus


You can bring one large piece of luggage and one carry-on with you. The large piece of luggage will be stored under the bus. You can store the carry-on by your feet or in the overhead space if it fits.

There is no extra charge for luggage. The baggage handler may expect a tip. I don’t know if they charge for oversized or overweight luggage. My luggage has never been weighed and I’ve never been charged for it.

Arriving in Angeles City

Fields Avenue, Angeles City
Fields Avenue, Angeles City

The bus will drop you off at Dau Station. From there, you’ll need to take a taxi or tricycle to Angeles City. Most visitors stay near Fields Avenue. This is the main nightlife area of the city. Here is the location of the Dau bus terminal on Google Maps:

The distance from Dau bus station to Walking Street is about 1.6 km (about 1 mile). A tricycle ride from the bus station to your hotel will take around 5-15 minutes depending on traffic and where you’re staying.

The tricycle ride should cost around 100-150 pesos ($1.80-$2.70). You shouldn’t pay more than 150 pesos. Most tricycle drivers will try to charge 200-300 pesos but they will accept 100 pesos if you negotiate. If you’re good at bargaining, you may be able to negotiate down to 80. Locals pay even less.

If the weather is good, you can also walk from Dau to Fields Avenue. The walk will take about 20-30 minutes. It’s not the most pleasant walk because traffic is kind of heavy but it’s doable. I usually walk. On my last trip, I took a tricycle because it was raining when I arrived.

A tricycle ride in the Philippines
My tricycle ride to my hotel in Angeles

Manila to Angeles City by Taxi or Grab

If you prefer private transport, you can also take a taxi from Manila to Angeles City. This is significantly more expensive than taking the bus. The taxi ride from Central Manila to Angeles will cost around 3000-4000 pesos ($54-$72). The ride will take about 2 hours.

Your hotel in Manila can arrange a taxi for you. To save some money, you can simply flag a taxi down on the street and ask the driver if they want to make the drive. Some drivers won’t want to drive all the way to Angeles City. You may have to ask a couple until you find one who wants the fare.

How to Take Grab to Angeles City

You can also take a Grab from Manila to Angeles City. Just open the app and input your destination. This is a little safer and more secure than booking a regular taxi from the street. Depending on where you start in Manila, a Grab to Angeles City will cost around $50. Some drivers may cancel on you if they don’t want to make the drive. You may have to try a couple of times until you find a driver that wants the fare.

There are a couple of benefits of taking a taxi or Grab. The main benefit is that you won’t have to change to different modes of transport. The taxi will pick you up at your hotel in Manila and drop you off at your hotel in Angeles City. The taxi is also about 30 minutes faster than the bus. You won’t have to wait around.

Manila to Angeles City by Limo or Black Car Service

If you prefer a private car, you can also order a limo or black car service from Manila to Angeles City. Prices for this service start at around $65. A number of companies offer these types of services. You can book online or through your hotel.

One company offering this service is Angeles City Taxi.

Makati, Manila, Philippines

How to Travel from Manila International Airport (NAIA) to Angeles City

If you’re flying into Manila and you want to head straight to Angeles City, the easiest way to get there is to take a taxi to Victory Liner Pasay bus terminal and take the bus.

From the airport, you can easily catch a yellow taxi. These are metered cabs. Tell the driver that you want to go to Victory Liner Pasay. They all know this station. You can then follow the directions outlined above.

This is convenient because Victory Liner Pasay is located relatively close to the airport. The bus station is about 15 minutes from the airport by taxi.

There is a direct bus between Manila Airport and Angeles City. This service is operated by Philtranco. It operates less frequently than the Victory Liner bus. I believe it only departs a few times per day. I am not sure of the cost because I have never used this service.

There is another option as well Genesis Transport offers service between NAIA and SM Mall in Angeles City. I have never used this service before but it has been recommended to me.

Flying from Manila to Angeles City (Clark International Airport)

It is also possible to fly from Manila to Angeles City. This is the fastest way to make the trip. It’s also the most expensive option.

Clark International Airport is located a few miles outside of Angeles City. You can fly there from Manila as well as many other destinations in the Philippines.

Flight prices are pretty high. A ticket from Manila to Clark International Airport costs around $300 round trip. Philippine Airlines offers daily flights.

For most travelers, it’s not worth the cost or hassle to fly this short of a distance. It’s usually faster and easier to just take a taxi or bus.

If you’re flying from another part of the Philippines or another country, consider flying into Clark instead of Manila. This can save you some time. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of navigating Manila.

From Clark International Airport, you can take a taxi, Grab, jeepney, or tricycle to your hotel in Angeles City. A jeepney from Clark Airport to Angeles costs 50 pesos. A tricycle from the airport to the main city costs around 300 pesos.

Renting a Car and Driving Yourself

If you like the freedom of having your own transportation and you don’t mind driving, you can rent a car and drive yourself. All of the major rental companies operate in the Philippines including Hertz, Alamo, Dollar, Thrifty, National, Budget, etc. A rental car will cost around $30-$50 per day.

If you plan to rent a car, it’s a good idea to buy full coverage insurance. Fender benders are common. Also, keep in mind that the rules of the road may be different than you’re used to. Traffic is heavy in Manila. If you’re not comfortable driving in a foreign country, renting a car may not be for you. Having said this, it is a good option if you like traveling on your own time.

How to Travel Back to Manila From Angeles City

You have all of the same transport options for the return trip including the bus, taxi, Grab, limo service, or a flight. The prices for the return trip are the same as the ride there.

For most travelers, the bus is the best option. You can catch a trike from anywhere in Angeles City to Dau bus station for 80-150 pesos, depending on your negotiating skills. For the best price, walk to Fields Avenue and flag one down. Don’t pay more than 150 pesos.

Once you arrive at the bus station, look for the Victory Liner bus. If you need help, ask the attendant which bus is going to Manila. Make sure the bus is going to your desired station. Most of the buses go to the Pasay terminal. Some go to Cubao Bus Terminal or other terminals in the city.

There are a couple of companies operating this route. You can use a different company if you choose. For example, Philtranco also offers service back to Manila. The price is about the same. Victory Liner is the most popular option with the most buses.

Manila Cathedral

Angeles City to Manila Airport

If you want to travel to Manila International Airport from Angeles City, the most affordable option is to take the Victory Liner bus to the Pasay terminal. From there, you can catch an airport shuttle bus. The airport shuttle stops at all 3 terminals. I believe it costs 50 pesos but I can’t remember the exact price. It leaves regularly all day long.

This makes the trip to the airport really convenient. If you decide to take this bus, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You may have to wait for the bus to fill up. I probably had to wait around 30 minutes last time I took this bus.

Of course, you can also take a taxi to the airport. You’ll find taxis near Pasay terminal.

My Experience Traveling from Manila to Angeles City

Over the years, I’ve made this trip several times. It’s an easy journey to make. Buses are traveling between these two cities all day long. It’s only 52 miles.

When I’m in Manila, I usually stay in Makati. From there, I take the metro to Taft Avenue station. From there, I walk down Epifano de Los Santos Avenue to the Pasay bus station. It’s an easy 15 minute walk.

Usually, there is a bus already boarding when I arrive at the station. I just buy a ticket, hop on, and wait. The bus usually leaves within 20 minutes or so.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to traveling between Manila and Angeles City, Philippines. You can take a bus, taxi, Grab, limo, or flight. You can also drive yourself in a rental car.

For most travelers, the Manila to Angeles bus is the best option. Buses leave frequently all day long from the Victory Liner bus station. The station is conveniently located. The bus is cheap and relatively fast. The trip takes about 2.5 hours. The ticket costs less than 180 pesos.

If you’re in a hurry or if you prefer private transportation, I recommend Grab. Alternatively, you can take a taxi. There are also private limo and black car services available if you prefer a more luxurious experience. Private transport starts at around $50.

Have you made the trip between Manila and Angeles City? Share your experience in the comments below!

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