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The Best Cycling Mirror: Mirrycle Bar End Bicycle Mirror Review

I bought the Mirrycle Bar End Bicycle Mirror in preparation for my first bicycle tour. I have since ridden about 500 miles with it. I paid full price for this mirror with my own money. This is my honest review.

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 Pros of the Mirrycle Bar End Mirror

  • Rugged- I dropped my fully loaded touring bike on this mirror on a concrete sidewalk about 3 times so far and it still hasn’t broken. One of the screws bent a bit, but it is still perfectly functional.
  • Spare parts availability- If the mirror does break, you can replace individual parts for only a few dollars rather than buying another.
  • Price- This is one of the cheaper cycling mirrors on the market.
  • Adjustability- You can easily adjust the mirror while riding. It is fully adjustable.
  • Quality- It’s made of thick, tough plastic. I’ve ridden over 500 miles with it so far and it has held up perfectly.
  • Doesn’t shake or move- If you have the screws tight enough, this mirror will stay steady and adjusted.
  • Compatibility- I have installed this mirror on my flat bar and drop bar bikes. My friend put one on his bike with bullhorn bars. It works perfectly on each.
  • Convex glass- This gives a wider field of view so you can see more of the road behind you
  • Easy to install- I had it on my bike in about 10 minutes.
  • Easy to remove- If you don’t need it on all the time, you can easily remove the mirror part and leave the rest on the handlebars.

Cons of the Mirrycle Bar End Mirror

  • It’s kind of ugly- Mirrors on bikes look a bit lame.
  • Because it’s convex, things appear further away than they really are.
  • It can break if you drop the bike or hit something while cycling. The frame is plastic.
  • It sticks out further than your handlebars so it can get caught on things and you can’t squeeze through very small gaps in traffic.
My bike with my Mirrycle
My bike with my Mirrycle

I’m usually a pretty harsh critic but I had trouble thinking of anything negative to say about this mirror. Before my first bicycle tour, I had never used a cycling mirror and now wouldn’t ride without one. Being able to see what is behind me makes me feel so much safer. I don’t have to constantly turn my head to watch for traffic or trust that drivers see me. Now I can always keep an eye on people approaching me to pass.

During my tour, my friend was constantly asking me “Are any cars coming?” because I was the only one with a mirror. After we got back home from our tour, I ordered another one of these mirrors to give to my friend for his birthday. He doesn’t ride without it now either. I paid full price for both of the mirrors that I bought. I am just really happy with this product and I highly recommend it. 

You can buy the Mirrycle Bar End Bicycle Mirror here on Amazon. 

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