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The Best Watch for Travel: Casio Sport Watch W800H-1AV Review

I bought the Casio Sport Watch W800H-1AV on Amazon in 2011 just before my first backpacking trip abroad. I knew I needed a reliable watch to keep track of time for train and bus schedules while I was traveling in Europe. Since then, I have worn this watch in over 60 countries on 6 continents. Needless to say, I’m really happy with it. Here’s my full review.

This watch is excellent for travelers. Features include:

  • Dual time- You can know the time at home with the press of a button. I love this feature because I no longer have to count hours to know what time it is back home so I don’t call in the middle of the night.
  • Alarm- I mostly use my smartphone for this now, but if I absolutely must wake up at a certain time, like to catch a flight, for example, I will set the alarm on my watch as a backup.
  • Rugged- I have worn this watch for 7 years and traveled to 56 countries with it and it still functions perfectly.
  • Water resistance- I have dived to 30 meters with this watch. I have also showered and washed my hands countless times while wearing this Casio. It is water resistant to 100 meters.
  • Long battery life- According to Casio, the battery lasts for 10 years. I have never changed mine. So far it’s going still going strong after 7 years of use.
  • Backlight- Great for checking the time in the dark of the night in my tent or hostel room. I don’t need to be blinded by my phone screen at 3 am.
  • 12 and 24 hour time settings- Depending on where you are traveling, one system may be more useful. Many transportation schedules work on 24 hour time. I also prefer 24 hour time for setting alarms because you don’t have to worry about am or pm.
  • Date and day of the week indication- Sometimes when traveling, you lose track of the days. It is really handy to be able to just look at your wrist for the date when applying for visas.
  • It’s not flashy- This watch will not be a target for pickpockets or thieves. There is no flashy gold band or anything fancy. 
  • It’s cheap- If you break it, lose it, or it gets stolen, you’re not out too much money. It can easily be replaced.
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What I don’t like about the Casio Sport Watch W800H-1AV

My only complaint about this watch is that the face is a bit too thick for my liking. I prefer smaller watches. After accidentally bashing the face on various objects dozens of times, it still looks and functions fine, but it is kind of annoying. I also have thinner than average wrists so a small watches look better on me. With that being said, I will continue to use my Casio until it dies and after that, I will replace it with the exact same watch.

You can buy the Casio Sport Watch W800H-1AV here on Amazon.

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Friday 23rd of August 2019

I was looking for a digital watch for when I'll be going backpacking in a month, and you've sold me on this one. Thank you so much for the review!


Friday 23rd of August 2019

Have a great trip, man! Hope the watch serves you well. I still wear mine often. Still on the original battery.

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